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Large File Sharing Made Secure, Easy and Fast

Binfer lets you send large files of any size or quantity without uploading anywhere

Have you experienced direct device-to-device large file sharing?

You don’t need the cloud to send large files – ever. That means no more waiting forever for large files to upload. Now, you can send large files in half the time.

You don’t have to worry about privacy and security of the files you share. Binfer will never store your files, nor do we look at them.

Four reasons to use Binfer


  • No cumbersome thumb drives, CDs or FTP required
  • Be free from big file email attachment issues
  • Drag and drop entire folders of large videos, photos or anything else


  • No time consuming uploads or downloads​ of big files
  • Reduce large file delivery time by at least 50%
  • Transfer large files at the fastest speed your ISP allows


  • Auto resume interrupted transfers of very large files
  • Ensure delivery of files of any size or quantity
  • 1 or 100000 files. 1KB or 1TB. Fully automated job manager delivers all


  • Bank-level data encryption secures your files in transit
  • Keep sensitive files under wraps
  • Your files are never uploaded to cloud servers

How Binfer Works

Binfer makes large file sharing easy by creating a direct connection between devices. We never store, transfer or upload data to third party servers.

This direct transfer protocol means large files of any size or type transfer securely in half the time of cloud-based platforms. You always know where your data lives, and you always have control.

Binfer moves data from device-to-device
Cloud-based services store data on servers

Handle all of your large file transfer needs quickly, securely, and affordably

An integrated suite for your data transfer needs

Binfer’s File Sharing module allows you to share large files directly from your computer without uploading them on any third party servers.

With its easy email like interface, you can quickly drag and drop files and folders, and send the link directly or via Binfer. Files are instantly available to recipients.

Recipients can receive files using a web browser or the Binfer desktop app. Only senders have to pay when exceeding the free trial limits. It is free for recipients.

Watch File Sharing Video Tour

Binfer’s Web Drop module allows people to send files directly to your computer from their web browser without uploading them anywhere.

You can create Web Drops in seconds, set advanced options, and even embed it on your own website.

Senders drag and drop files on the Web Drop widget and your receive files on your computer. Senders don’t have to pay or create an account.

Watch Web Drop Video Tour


Binfer’s Sync modules allows you to synchronize files and folders across multiple devices, anywhere in the world.

You can create advanced synchronization rules in seconds. Data is transferred directly between devices.

You can synchronize across Windows, OSX or Linux computers. Sync works across firewalls and bandwidths as low as 4 kbps.

Watch Sync Video Tour

Binfer’s Communication module allows you to communicate privately and collaborate without worrying about data security.

You can send messages just like an email system, but the difference is nothing is stored on third party computers.

Sending messages is 100% free.

Binfer’s Private Cloud module allows you to create a secure and private network where only authorized devices can communicate and share files.

The management server is deployed on your premises and you have complete control over it.

It is designed for organizations and not intended for individual use.

Any File Size and Quantity
Auto Resume Interrupted Transfers
256 Bit Encryption
Drag and Drop Entire Folders
Works on Windows, OSX and Linux

Sharing large files should be fast, easy, and secure.
Choose the right Binfer product for you


Professionals need fast, easy file transfer and secure communication without VPN complexity
  • Files Sharing let's you send large files
  • Web Drop allows others to send files to you using a browser
  • Sync allows to synchronize data between devices
  • Secure Messaging allows private communication


We offer solutions for large organizations that need data speed, security, flexibility, and regulatory compliance
  • Enterprise Sync let's you move information between devices securely
  • Private Cloud lets you manage devices in a secure environment
  • Reporting and Analytics let's you monitor what is moving where
  • End-to-end encryption ensures secure delivery of data


Binfer's mobile app is great for sharing private messages and photos with friends and family
  • Private Messaging ensures only intended parties ever receive the messages
  • No third-party servers ensures that nothing lingers anywhere you don't want it to
  • Secure file sharing ensures that no one scans your documents
  • Zero data stored means that your information will never be sold