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Binfer transfer large files send large files file transfer software

Transfer Large Files

With Binfer file transfer software you can transfer large files in half the time as cloud-based alternatives like Dropbox. It’s not only faster, it’s easy and it’s secure. Binfer never sees, stores or sells your data.

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Binfer send large files large file sharing

How to Send Large Files

How to send large files is a perennial, modern day dilemma. But Binfer file transfer software enables large file sharing quickly, easily and securely.

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Binfer for large file sharing entrepreneurs

7 Things to Do Before You Launch Your Business

Before you leave your full-time job there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for the entrepreneur life and give your business a better chance at success. For instance, if you’re a digital creative, download Binfer for fast, easy large file sharing.

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