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Deliver Digital Content On Your Own Site

Custom Web Pick allows you to deliver files directly from your own website instead of Binfer’s. When you send files with Binfer, the Web Pickup is delivered from domain. With Custom Web Pickup the files can be delivered from https://{your own domain}.

After following instructions in this example you will be able to set up Binfer so that any files you send will be delivered on your own website instead of Binfer’s.

You will need access and permission to your website and have the capability to create a new page or modify existing one. Before continuing, locate a page on your website where you want to provide custom Web Pickup.

  1. Create the page on your website that will act as the link path.
    1. EX:
  2. Switch to the Binfer app and go to Settings -> Web Pickup
  3. Add the path of the page you created to the “Set your customer Web Pickup URL:” field
  4. Click “Copy Embed Code”
  5. Copy the embed code onto the page that you created on your website.
    1. Feel free to modify the CSS to match your page styling!
    2. Do not change any of the script code
  6. Save the edit you made to the page
  7. Create a new Web Pick Up link
  8. Notice how the Link is now located at