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Sending a Secure Binfer Message

Binfer’s Message feature allows users to send two types of messages; Binfer Secure and Binfer Open. A Secure Message is more secure because the content cannot be read directly by an email client such as Gmail or Outlook. Instead, the recipient must click on the provided link in the email body labeled ‘View Secure Message’; this will open a new window in the recipient’s browser, bridging a direct connection between the sender and receiver, thus revealing the contents of the message.

Sending the message

  1. Open the Binfer app
  2. Click the ‘New’ menu dropdown arrow
  3. Select ‘Message’
  4. Compose the text of the message as you would any email
  5. Drag and drop as many attachments of any size you’d like into the body of the message
  6. Choose your recipients and set the delivery method to ‘Binfer Secure’
  7. Select further security options from the ‘Options’ tab, such as password protection
  8. Press ‘Send’ to send your secure message to the desired recipient or recipients
  9. The recipient can open the message via the Binfer app or the web link automatically generated in the email body

Once the file has been sent- you may want to know if it has been received. Unlike email, with Binfer Messages you can see if a file has been picked up and truly delete a message if it has been sent by mistake. To do so, simply:

  1. On the top-left of your screen, toggle from ‘Inbox’ to ‘Outbox’
  2. A checkmark on the bottom-left of the message tells you the file has been received. For further details, double click on the message.
  3. To Delete the message, simply hover over the message on the left of the screen and press the Red X. You can rest assured that the files are no longer accessible once you’ve deleted it.

Tip: If the other party does not have the Binfer app, select ‘Enable Web Pickup’ in the options tab.

Recipient’s will receive an email. Upon clicking the link they can download the files.